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National Fitness Day offers a timely reminder of how Badminton can improve the health and fitness of people of all ages.

The nation’s favourite racket sport can help anyone switch up a gear within their normal fitness regime, and also benefit an individual’s mental health.

Today’s National Fitness Day, which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary, encourages the nation to celebrate the fun of fitness and physical activity across the UK.

Previous research conducted by the Mental Health Foundation shows that two-and-half hours of brisk exercise every week, can cut the chances of depression by a third. Spending time on the badminton court can provide that vital health benefit.

With a blending of home and work lives for many since the pandemic, many people will naturally be struggling to make time to exercise as well.

But badminton can help to release endorphins, which naturally improve your mood on and off court. We all get an extra boost of these, if we win a particularly hard fought point, long rally, or even a match!

It is also a social sport. Even playing singles leads to interaction and socialising with at least one other person, something the past year has shown can be taken for granted.

The option to also play doubles, brings that team dynamic which again can greatly improve our mental health and bring a sense of achievement.

Badminton is also flexible as well as fun and can be enjoyed despite a busy schedule and is not weather dependent.  Courts are usually available during the day, in the evenings and on weekends.

Playing the sport can also improve concentration levels, helping players become more focused and alert to the fast-changing situations, something many of us need to take off the court.

In addition, regular play also improves our mobility, which gradually becomes more limited by age. But badminton is one of the few sports that is genuinely for all ages, and still encourages movement.

This greatly reduces the risk of joint issues and other physical problems associated with mobility.

You can be flexible around intensity, length of match and speed of play, so that badminton is truly a sport for all, and can be played by young children, senior citizens and everyone in between.

So if National Fitness Day has reminded you to prioritise more exercise, why not head to your nearest badminton court today?

Click on these links to find out how you can get involved.

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