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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

This section of the website deals with the nuts and bolts of how the game is governed - from doping control, to equal opportunities, to how the sport is played.

The relevant section of the Badminton England handbook - The Book - deals with the governing body's regulatory framework, which works to provide a fair and accessible sport for all throughout the country.

Our Articles of Association and Standing Orders deal with some of our governance. Click here for a shortcut to that webpage to find out more.

Please click on the relevant link to view the following policies/procedures:

Laws of Badminton (as adopted at the Badminton World Federation Annual General Meeting)

Club Constitution

General Disciplinary Regulations

Appendices 1-5 General Disciplinary Regulations

Grievance Procedure for Club and County Volunteers

Child Protection

Disciplinary Procedures

Governing Body Endorsement Guidelines January 2016 (Home Office)

Guidance Paper re Policy on Transsexual People August 13

Policy and Procedures on Transexual People Playing in Badminton Competitions - August 13

Sports Integrity policy - June 17