Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations

This section of the website deals with the nuts and bolts of how the game is governed – from doping control, to equal opportunities, to how the sport is played.

The relevant section of the Badminton England handbook – The Book – deals with the governing body’s regulatory framework, which works to provide a fair and accessible sport for all throughout the country.

Our Articles of Association and Standing Orders deal with some of our governance. Click here for a shortcut to that webpage to find out more.

Please click on the relevant link to view the following policies/procedures:

Laws of Badminton
Club Constitution
General Disciplinary Regulations
Appendices 1-5 General Disciplinary Regulations
Grievance Procedure for Club and County Volunteers
Child Protection
Disciplinary Procedures
Governing Body Endorsement Guidelines January 2016 (Home Office)
Sports Integrity policy – June 17

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