Badminton England has launched a member shuttle discount scheme to help combat rising costs within the sport.

Having spoken to members across the country, one point that emerged was that many members would like a shuttle discount scheme as a part of their membership.

With players returning to play after the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, reducing costs in such a way is vital for many clubs who also have increased court hire costs to bear in some facilities.

The average club uses hundreds of shuttles every year over the course of a year, meaning that the discount scheme will significantly reduce costs and should prove a game changer for all clubs involved.

The shuttle deal is available through Ransome Sporting Groups that operate the website, as the appointed distributor in the UK for Forza and Viktor.

There are only limited amounts available, so members can hit the link HERE to check out the deals and order your tubes today. Alternatively, you can call 01642 224444 to order shuttles via telephone.

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