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You have a responsibility to report any concern you may have regarding the welfare of a young person in badminton. There are a number of ways you can contact us.

If you believe a child is in immediate danger please call the police. Please then notify us as soon as possible afterwards. For a referral form please click here, to report directly please complete the online referral form.

Contact us

Email us:

Safeguarding Coordinator,
Angela Toon: 01908 268470 / 07901 005320

Badminton England Head Office
Call: 01908 268400

Everyone has the right to be Safe and Enjoy badminton.

Everyone has the right to play and enjoy badminton in a safe and enjoyable environment. If you are concerned about anything at all the following people / organisations may be able to help. If your concern is in your badminton club then speak to your Club Welfare Officer.  Alternatively you can contact Badminton England for advice or ring the NSPCC Helpline: 0808 800 5000.

If you cannot reach a member of our team or a welfare officer please contact the NSPCC or the Child Protection in Sport Unit:


Safeguarding young people is the responsibility of everyone involved in badminton. Here is our Safeguarding Young People Policy and our Safeguarding Adults policy. Also our policy on how we keep your information safe.

In May 2021 the Board of Badminton England adopted the revised Safeguarding and Protecting Young People Policy.
Click here for the revised policy.

This Policy confirms how we manage disclosure and DBS information including it’s safe retention and appropriate disposal.
Click here for the policy.

Safeguarding Training

It is important that all those who volunteer and work in and around badminton are safeguarding aware in order to ensure that young people within our sport are given the best possible experience.

The following documents outline safeguarding training that is available, and where and how you can access it

Safeguarding training courses for coaches and others – an explanation of what types of training exist for coaches and others within badminton.

What is Time to Listen?

Time to Listen is specialised training for welfare officers within badminton, read here about the course, how to access it and costs

The Disclosure & Barring Service

A DBS check is just one part of the safe recruitment process to ensure that the right people are working within badminton. You can find out more about safer recruitment here:

An enhanced DBS check is a record of all warnings, reprimands, cautions and convictions, along with any other information a Chief Police Officer deems relevant to the role a person is applying for.

If you are working in ‘Regulated Activity’ you will need to complete an application. For a definition of Regulated Activity and more information on eligibility please look here

Badminton England requires you to renew your DBS check every 3 years.

The minimum age to apply for a DBS check is 16 years old.

If you are in a paid role the cost is £47.80
If you are in a voluntary role the cost is £7.80

Badminton England DBS checks are carried out through our online provider First Advantage Online Disclosures. You must be a Badminton England member to use the system.

To start the process please email with the following information –
• Your Full Name
• Your Membership number
• Your role within the club / county
• Whether you are paid or volunteer in that role

We will then send you an email link to the online DBS application process.

Once your application has been verified and submitted you will receive an email request to make payment.

Your application will not progress until payment is made by you.

For a list of Badminton England appointed verifiers please browse the online system at the point of making your DBS application or email for a list.

No, we do not accept certificates issued by anyone else. All DBS applications must be made directly through Badminton England.

Young People Resources

Badminton should feel safe for everyone and above all – fun! To help keep young people safe and support their education on how they do this a range of great resources are available from Childline.

They provide lots of information on things such as bullying and body image. Remember everyone’s different, so nobody is normal. But it can be tough if that makes you feel left out or alone. So make sure you speak to out to an adult you trust.

We all have the right to feel safe, so we have put together some guidance to help you know what to do if you don’t.

There are lots of ways to feel calmer. It’s about finding what works for you. Take a look at the great Calm Zone resource to try some breathing exercises, activities, games and videos to help let go of stress!

However you’re feeling, it can be great to express yourself and do things you enjoy. And that’s where Childline come in. Take your mind off things with games, advice from our videos or find new ways to handle your emotions. And all in your handy toolbox.

Best practice and advice

Our safeguarding best practice documents are here to support you in your role with young people and we are keen to bring these documents to life by sharing examples of good practice that are happening in your clubs.  If there are areas where you would like more guidance please do let us know.

We are keen to bring these documents to life by sharing examples of good practice that are happening in your clubs and one of the best ways to ensure that this information is as useful as it can be is by receiving your feedback. If there are areas where you would like more guidance please do let us know.

Safeguarding Guidance – Travel
Safeguarding Guidance – Social Media
Parental guide to choosing a Badminton Club
Parental guide to choosing a Badminton coach
Safeguarding Guidance – Safer Recruitment
Reporting a Safeguarding Concern
Role Description – Club Welfare Officer
Role Description County Welfare Officer
Club Safeguarding poster

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