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England Junior Performance Hubs Launch – September 2023

Badminton England is pleased to advise that it is supporting the initial set-up of two ‘Performance Hubs’ from September 2023 – one in the north and one in the south of the country, with the aim to expand on these over the next few years to other areas of the country to provide more access to more players (U15-U19), to train regularly together.  These Hubs, whilst not a new concept, are intent on providing the opportunity for small groups of the best junior players (EJPP and identified players) within a region to access additional high-level weekly training and match play on a regular basis, up to a maximum of twice a week.

We understand and support all the great work that is going on around the country by coaches and training environments and we wish to add to this work.  We are fully aware that there is a significant development opportunity that exists in relation to players increasing their rate of development when training regularly with players of a similar level and when weekly training hours are increased.  As a Programme, we want provide support for this increase in weekly training, with delivery of high quality and intense sessions, where players are committed and bring a great work ethic in order to reap the benefits.  We believe this is a necessity if we are to keep pace with the best players in Europe and the rest of the world.

The Performance Hub sessions will be part-funded by the Performance Programme and will be ‘invitation only’ sessions to identified players.  To note, attendance at a Hub following invitation is not mandatory and the sessions are not intended to replace weekly training and instead are aiming to provide additional weekly quality training hours where this can be fitted into player’s weekly schedules. We understand that access to these sessions will vary based on individual circumstances and such things as distance of travel which may impact a player’s ability to commit. However, we fully believe that the following principles, regularly seen to increase rate of development in athlete’s across sports, can be achieved by this initiative:

  • Increase the number of quality of weekly training hours and intensity in a player’s weekly schedule to aid rate of development and levels of consistency
  • Players of a similar level training / sparring together regularly increasing the rate of development as a collective group
  • Regular, healthy competition / sparring between players of a similar level can link to increasing levels of motivation

We also aim for the sessions to achieve the following:

  • To support players with their ongoing development and building of relationships between players and coaches
  • Provide players with additional coaching perspectives
  • Opportunity for the sharing of knowledge and session themes based on Coach’s experience of where the game is going internationally in the world of junior badminton and in turn, be aligned and aid development in relation to EJP themes / focus areas delivered at EJP Camp activity
  • To provide variety in a player’s weekly training through training with different players

The below provides the session/s details for the Hubs that are launching from September 2023 with invites having been sent out to identified players and with player’s contributing to the subsidised cost of these sessions:

Sheffield Performance Hub

Venue Sheffield Girls High School, 10 Rutland Park, Sheffield S10 2PE
Day Wednesday
Time 6-9pm
Coach/es Jonty Russ + invited Coaches
Session start date from 6th September 2023

Surrey Performance Hub

Venue Wimbledon Racquets & Fitness Centre, Cranbrook Road, SW19 4HD
Day Monday / Thursdays
Time 5-7pm
Coach/es Stuart Wardell / Toby Penty + invited Coaches
Session start date from 11th September 2023

Further information on the Hubs or Apprentice Training which runs at the NBC twice a week (currently Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 5-7pm), you can contact Nikki Tarrant (Programme Manager) at nikkitarrant@badmintonengland.co.uk

England Performance Programme

The updated England Performance Pathway (EPP) as of November 2022 consists of six progressive groups; Discover, Engage, Progress, Development, Futures and National Squad with Discover, Engage and Progress making up the England Junior Pathway (EJP) and Development, Futures and National Squad forming the England Senior Programme.

*UPDATED* England Junior Performance Pathway Criteria Launched for 2022-23

The updated EJPP criteria for 2023-24 will be uploaded very soon, with only minor amendments due. There were a number of key updates to the England Junior Performance Pathway (EJPP) Criteria from 2022 of which these are listed below.  These include the re-introduction of National Junior Trials in summer 2023, a new simplified result criteria based predominantly on domestic tournaments, alongside changes to the methodology behind the selection process.

A combination of results, performance trajectory and player profile will now be taken into account as part of a move towards a longer-term Player Development focus, whereby a stronger emphasis is placed on the importance of the individual player profile when considering players for selection for the Junior Pathway.

The updates have also been made with the aim of the programme becoming more inclusive, with less criteria relating to gaining international results due to the significant expense involved.  Players are still encouraged to gain experience and exposure abroad where possible, given the importance to their development, though there is a realisation this is not feasible for everyone and the updated criteria reflects this.

Please find information below on the key changes made to EJPP for 2022-23 and explanation as to why these changes have been made:

Key Updates to 2022-23 England Junior Performance Pathway (EJPP) Criteria

  • Re-introduction of National Junior Trials in Summer 2023, whereby players meeting the amended minimum Result criteria, will receive an invitation to attend for consideration for a place on the EJPP.
  • A new simplified result criteria based predominantly on domestic tournaments will apply, whereby the result level has been lowered from previous 2021-22 criteria in order to capture a bigger pool of players for consideration.
  • Additionally, significant Junior International performances / results will be considered at Engage/Progress level for an invite to trials
  • Discover domestic result criteria now includes all disciplines, whereas previously the domestic results related to Singles discipline only
  • Excel level no longer exists within the updated Junior Performance Pathway structure and the EJPP becomes an Under 19 programme only (from point of entry). The new England Senior structure will encompass the equivalent of Excel level.
  • The Observation Group will not continue from 2022-23 due to the new criteria levels & the introduction of Trials, alongside domestic tournament observation.
  • A combination of Results, Performance Trajectory and Player Profile (taking into consideration the Guiding Principles) will be taken into account in the selection process when allocating places onto EJPP. Assessment at the Trials will consider an individual’s technical, tactical and physical (on and off court) profile, with an individual’s Profile being prioritised in the younger age groups during the selection process (Discover level) as per the criteria document.
  • The minimum result criteria for an invite to the Engage / Progress Trials will be the same. The Player Review Selection Panel will have the final decision on which players are allocated a place at which of these levels based on consideration of evidence from those areas noted in the criteria (as above).
  • A set of Guiding Principles will support the process of selection of players for Performance Pathway as per the criteria
  • England Junior Performance Pathway age ranges have been amended for each of the three Pathway Groups for 2022-23:
    • Discover – Under 11 to Under 15 (N.B there will be a minimum entry age of 10 years old on entry to EJP)
    • Engage / Progress – Under 16 up to Under 19
  • The England Junior Pathway is re-termed to England Junior Performance Pathway

Why the Changes?

Changes to the EJPP Criteria from 2022-23 have been made for the following reasons:

  • A move towards a longer term Player Development focus, whereby a stronger emphasis is placed on the importance of the individual player profile when considering players for selection for the EJPP. A combination of results, performance trajectory and a player’s technical, tactical and physical (on and off court) profile considered at trials, will form the basis of selection
  • To become more inclusive – less criteria relating to gaining international results, which we understand is a significant expense. Whilst we still encourage players to go and gain experience / exposure abroad for their development which we believe is important, we realise this is not feasible for everyone
  • To support the future strengthening and depth within our domestic tournament circuit
  • To provide opportunity to a wider pool of players the opportunity to be considered for the EJPP and to showcase their abilities to a Panel of experienced Coaches at Trial days
  • Selection for the EJPP will be completed through due consideration of Results, Performance Trajectory and Player Profile as observed at National Trials. This will provide a more rounded process for assessing an individual, as opposed to selection that is more heavily oriented towards levels of results gained (domestically & internationally)
  • Age group changes relating to Discover, Engage & Progress have been made to ensure that at the younger age groups (U15 and below), the emphasis of assessment is prioritised more towards the Player Profile and the foundations of a good technical, physical / movement and tactical profile, relevant to a player’s age and stage of development. In addition, this change will support more effective delivery of Pathway activity aimed at the respective age groups, maturation level and development
  • Involving a larger group of experienced Coaches (including National Coaches and Performance Director) in the assessment of players for selection due to the holding of Trials, will further enhance the robustness of the selection process and ensure we are supporting the right players at the right time in their journey


The England Junior Performance Pathway (EJPP) criteria for 2022-23 can be found here.

The England Junior 2022 Pathway Planner and Identified International Tournaments (updated September 2022) can be found here.

The England Junior 2023 Pathway Planner and Identified International Tournaments (updated 9th February 2023) can be found here.

The guide to the offer of support to those on the EJP can be found here.

The England Junior Pathway (EJP) criteria is reviewed each year for the purposes of ensuring they remain relevant and continue to align to our Vision and Purpose:

VISION |  Win World, Olympic and Paralympic medals
PURPOSE | To consistently produce athletes who have a winning mentality with the technical and physical capabilities to become world class.

The England Performance Pathway, which includes the EJP, is a seamless integrated structure from initial identification through to competing for medals at the highest world level. Each of the 6 stages of the Pathway provide opportunities for players who meet criterion to train, compete and access the world class expertise based at the National Badminton Centre.

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