Return To Play Case Studies

It’s fantastic to see so many of our juniors back on court with smiles on their faces. We appreciate all the hard work and effort that goes in to making sessions safe so it’s great to hear how clubs are getting themselves back on court. Here is what three of our clubs have had to say:

Yeovil Junior Badminton Club made their return on Monday 12th May an have already seen their session sizes double. Read more on how they are getting their players back on court.

Colne made their big return on the 16th April, with a total of 28 juniors attending! All the coaches were super pleased to see them, read more on how they get their players back on court.

Uphill Junior Badminton Club got 2 sessions back up and running on the 13th April and even managed to give out all the children Easter eggs that they had missed out. Read more about how the club is bringing it’s badminton family back together.

Chew Valley made their return with six sessions in their first week back and 68 players. Read more about how they have made a confident return to court.

Chew Valley

We know that our clubs are key to growing the game of badminton and want to help you as much as we can.

To do this we have a range of advice and resources available to support you to run your club as effectively as possible.

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Badminton England Resource Hub

The Badminton England Resource Hub has been designed to create an interactive community full of resources to support our affiliated clubs and members to grow and develop badminton.

To access the resource hub please register here

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Premier Club

Premier Club recognises those clubs ensure a safe, rewarding and fulfilling place for participants of all ages by meeting a minimum level of operating standards.

To learn more about how to achieve Premier Club status please visit the Resource Hub.

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We are committed to the welfare of all young people and vulnerable adults involved in the sport whether playing, coaching or volunteering.

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Discover Badminton

To support our clubs to promote activity to both their members and the public we provide access to our Discover Badminton Platform that will enable your club to run bookable sessions and competitions with ease.

To learn more about how to access the Discover Badminton platform please visit the Resource Hub.

Regional Delivery Team

We have a team of Relationship Mangers across the country whose role is to support you to grow and develop your club.

Please find your local Relationship Manger here.

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Join the UK’s most played racket sport

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