Badminton clubs are an essential part of the badminton ecosystem, providing high quality playing and training opportunities for thousands of players across the country. This page provides information and resources to support your club grow and develop and help you manage your club more efficiently. 

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Club Health Check

Our Club Health Check has been designed as a check and challenge for your club to help give you a sense of where your club is currently at. The health check is a quick online survey that will help your club to identify areas within your club that you may want to enhance or develop.

At Badminton England a key priority is to support our clubs to grow and retain membership, increase participation and be financially sustainable. We have a team of experienced Relationship Managers that can support your club in these areas and tailor this support depending on the outcomes you want as a club. We want to help to empower our clubs, so badminton is supported by a club structure long into the future.

The health check is a measure for your club and by using it you are taking a step to maintaining and developing your club’s health to ensure you are providing the best possible service for your participants.

By completing the health check, it will provide Badminton England with the opportunity to ensure we are supporting your club in the best possible way. Once completed your local Relationship Manager will be in contact with you to follow up and discuss how you as a club want to progress and the support we can provide to help you.

Club Development Toolkit

Within Badminton England’s online resource hub, we have designed a Club Development Toolkit to provide support and guidance to help our clubs achieve their ambitions. Within the toolkit, there is a large online library of resources to support clubs to develop, with the resources covering various key areas where clubs typically require support to evolve and progress.  

This is a large online library of resources to support your club to develop and covers several different areas from Participant Experience, Governance and Safeguarding to Workforce, Funding and Marketing & Promotion.

If you are already signed up to Badminton England’s online resource hub and you regularly use it: Sign into the Resource Hub: Follow the link and it will take you straight to the Club Development Toolkit: Badminton England (

The club development toolkit is directly linked to the Club Health Check. The health check will help your club to identify key areas you want to develop, and the toolkit will support this development with information and supporting material covering each area. The toolkit can be used independently as a resource library to support your club or in conjunction with the club health check.

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Discover Badminton

To support you to promote your club and it’s activity we provide access to our Discover Badminton platform.

To support you to promote your club to perspective members we include details of all our affiliated clubs on our online club finder tool. This information comes from the club details you provide on the membership platform. In order to ensure details are accurate please ensure the club details, contact details and web address (if appropriate) are updated every season. 

To support our clubs to promote activity to both their members and the public we provide access to our Discover Badminton platform that will enable your club to run bookable sessions and competitions with ease. To learn about how to access the Platform please visit the Resource Hub.

Coach Finder 

If your club is looking for a coach then our Coach Finder tool can support you to find the right coach for your club. All affiliated coaches are listed along with their qualifications, any CPD completed and their contact details for you to contact them directly regarding coaching opportunities. 

Coach Opportunities 

Looking for a coach, coordinator or volunteer for your badminton activity? We have recently developed a new Coaching & Volunteering Opportunities Platform to help. This aims to link up coaches and volunteers looking for additional opportunities with providers, such as clubs and schools, looking for additional coaching or volunteering support. So if you are looking for a coach or volunteer to help your sessions simply complete our short Opportunities Form and we will do the rest.

Club Volunteer Webinar Series 

Our online Club Webinars are free and aimed at supporting our club volunteers of all  experience levels and roles. They cover a wide range of relevant themes enabling  you to  learn from an expert, improve your knowledge and skills, and help your club thrive. 

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Affiliating your club to Badminton England allows you to unlock a wide variety of benefits. To find out more about these benefits and the affiliation process visit the membership pages.

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Premier Club

Premier Club recognises those clubs ensure a safe, rewarding and fulfilling place for participants of all ages by meeting a minimum level of operating standards.

To learn more about how to achieve Premier Club status please visit the Resource Hub.

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Everyone has the right to play and enjoy badminton in a safe and enjoyable environment. If you are concerned about anything at all the following people / organisations may be able to help.

If your concern is in your badminton club then speak to your Club Welfare Officer.  Alternatively you can contact Badminton England for advice or ring the NSPCC Helpline: 0808 800 5000.  

For more information, advice and resources to help safeguard your clubs members please visit our safeguarding.  

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Badminton England Programmes

To provide opportunities for different levels of participation and to engage with different audiences, why not consider introducing a Badminton England programme to your clubs offering. More information on the programmes available and how you can deliver them can be found in our Club Programmes Guide.

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Relationship Managers

We have a network of Relationship Managers that are available to assist you in finding new opportunities and to help you to develop your contacts.

Please find your local Relationship Manger here.

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