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October 18, 2023

Badminton England have joined forces with UK Sport and StreetGames to launch BE Green, a pilot equipment recycling project.

Beginning during National Recycling Week, which commenced on October 16, the project will see old rackets and shuttles recycled with the aim of improving the wellbeing of school children through playing badminton in Milton Keynes and Sheffield.

The initiative has the backing of England’s senior squad, who are pleased to be lending their support to BE Green.

Estelle van Leeuwen, who won the Dutch Open mixed doubles crown alongside Callum Hemming at the weekend, said: “I’m very happy and proud that this BE Green project has launched. As a badminton player, I always want to encourage more people to join and enjoy the sport as much as I do

“The new BE Green project does this in a way that is not only inviting for more young people but is also environmentally friendly and makes sure nothing goes to waste.”

Lisa Curtin added: “I am very pleased to be involved in the BE Green project, where we are looking at the wellbeing of school children and aiming to inspire them to play badminton.

“We do this in an environmentally sustainable way, and I hope I have helped provide the children with the opportunity to enjoy the sport as much as I do.”

The project will be piloted initially in Milton Keynes and Sheffield, with donation sites at the National Badminton Centre and the English Institute of Sport where players can hand in unwanted and unused badminton equipment.

A team from Badminton England will then assess the equipment to ensure its suitability, replacing grips and restringing frames if required.

Once in a suitable reusable condition, together with StreetGames, equipment will be donated back into the local community through schools for their PE sessions and through the Milton Keynes Foodbank, allowing underprivileged children to take badminton back home playing outdoors or at a local facility.

The project aims to educate the badminton community on the ways in which they can help recycle old or unused badminton equipment, make a difference to the wellbeing of young school children and inspire them to play badminton and show how badminton can address environmental sustainability and encourage clubs to do the same.

Sian Phillips, a member of the National Youth Voice Forum, added: “BE Green is an incredible project to provide other children with the opportunities to play badminton and have access to the equipment in order to do this with quality.

“This is really important because there are so many children who are less fortunate and don’t have the opportunity to enjoy badminton.” 

Felicity Preston is also part of the National Youth Voice Forum and, along with Phillips, has supported and collaborated on the project from its inception.

“This project is so exciting,” she said.

“As a young person, I am always aware of climate change and how it may impact my future, it is a topic the Voice Forum references frequently. Steps to make badminton more friendly – in all respects – are brilliant.”

Paralympic bronze medallist Krysten Coombs is also supporting the project and said: “I’m proud to be part of the BE Green project supporting Badminton England to become a more sustainable organisation and increase the awareness of wellbeing in sport.”

To find out more about BE Green, click here.

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