July 6, 2022

English players swept the board with an unbeaten weekend at the 4 Nations Graded International Tournament in Cardiff last weekend.

Following the success of the tournament in Ireland back in 2019, 32 of England’s finest graded badminton players were selected to represent their nation at the Sports Wales Badminton Centre on July 2 and returned with four gold medals.

The tournament gives players over the age of 18 the opportunity to compete for their home nation of England, Wales, Scotland or Ireland in a one-day event.

The athletes were divided into four graded tiers depending on ability at Grade E and below and played a match consisting of one game each of MS, WS, MD, WD and XD, against each home nation.

In the Group E tier, England won all five rubbers against Ireland and Scotland before dropping just one against Wales to secure first-place.

In Groups F and H, England were marginally held from winning all five matches, losing one to each nation but still coming out on top overall.

Group F player, Elissa Seddon, was impressed with the outcome and support they received throughout the day’s tournament.

She said: “Well played team England, an amazing days badminton with incredible team support and encouragement across all four teams.”

Judith Ogden, team captain for Group H said: “Thanks so much to everyone involved for a fabulous day, such a great competitive spirit and a brilliant celebration of badminton!”

In Group G, captain Susan Tooke led her team to a dominant win over Ireland as they didn’t lose a match before going on to beat Scotland 4-1.

But hosts Wales proved tricky to overcome as England sealed a narrow 3-2 victory and took the fourth gold of the day.

The 4 Nations tournament proved a huge success for all those involved, with experience and team work at the forefront of the entire day.

The squads were as follows:

Group E: Campbell Wilson (C); Joshua Davidson; Dan Fox; Abigail Thring; Wanwimon Lloyd; Laura Wall; Rebecca Louise Heaton; Richard Grainger

Group F: Zoe Foote (C); James Jolly; Ryan Malone; Martin Mai; Elissa Seddon; Sara Moore; Ed Telfer; Rachael Ralph

Group G: Susan Tooke (C); Vikram Nayyar; Graham Hutchings; Michael Brook; Yuxin Yuan; Eve Chillcott; Hamid Majeed; Catherine Wong

Group H: Judith Ogden; Joseph Stockwell; Matthew Stone; Tom Hubscher; Tanya Westney; Katherine Brereton; Holly Hammond; Raff Pratheek Badrinath

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