Young Leaders Academy

Young Leaders 2019

The aim of the Academy is to equip Young Leaders with essential skills and knowledge to support delivery in their clubs and community by attending a two day residential. Our Leaders share learning and become more actively involved in leading and coaching delivery. They are also encouraged to raise the profile of Badminton using the skills they have developed, to engage their peers, influence others and seek further opportunities to volunteer. ​

The main benefit, according to our Young Leaders, was the opportunities that followed their Academy attendance to put their skills into action. This included; volunteering, coaching (school and club), career enhancement prospects through adding experience to CV’s, and utilising their new found confidence and social skills. ​

Here’s what our previous Leaders have said about their favourite parts of the Academy:​

“Opportunities which have become available from this Academy, e.g. helping people at school with GCSE badminton, and gaining experience by going into schools and coaching badminton.” ​

“More opportunities e.g. umpire for nationals and other volunteering opportunities.” ​

“Helps to develop confidence later down the line, as well as developing social networks.”

A few examples of how the leaders have helped in the community, and what they’ve learnt:​

“I assist 7-11 year olds at local club – add on from what coaches have said and ensure they are in a focused environment. I deliver one-on-one sessions with GCSE students to assist them further because of the skills learnt within being a Badminton Young Leader.” ​

“From the academy, I now use games at my local club when coaching; this enabled me to develop techniques of explaining things to assist them further.’’

COMING SOON: the application isn’t currently open. However this page will be updated in due course with the application process.

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Join the UK’s most played racket sport

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