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Welcome to the YONEX All England Open Badminton Championships Volunteering page.

Each year Badminton England recruits over 200 Volunteers to help us deliver the YONEX All England Badminton Championships. The successful delivery is down to the time, effort and smiles given by our Volunteer team. Every role is critical to us delivering a World Class Event and there is a role to suit everyone.

Volunteering with us: The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.
Do you find satisfaction and pleasure in giving back? Fancy being part of something big and exciting; a part of a new family with a real sense of achievement? Want to develop skills or improve your mental well-being? Then come and join our volunteering team, forge new friendships and have fun doing it!

Badminton England positively celebrates equality, diversity & inclusion (EDI). Our aim is to become the nation’s most accessible, diverse, and inclusive sport – reflecting and connecting with the diverse communities that we serve. We want people from all walks of life to feel valued for their individuality, thrive in our business and share a sense of belonging.

We want to hear from you! Check out all our roles below and for full detailed role information and application, register on our Volunteer portal found


Any questions or queries about the right role for you, email volunteering@badmintonengland.co.uk

(we will not be able to accept applications after this time)

Roles Available for this years Yonex All England

Access Control Team

  • As part of the Access Control Team you will direct volunteers, players and officials to appropriate areas based on their accreditation.
  • You will be a key point of information, willing to learn and pass on your knowledge of the Event with a smile.
  • You will be willing to get involved and have fun.
4 Nations Para Badminton International 2023

Accreditation Team

  • As part of the Accreditation Team you will be great with people and provide a warm welcome to the tournament at the point of arrival.
  • You will be confident on a Computer and willing to learn our software to create Accreditation passes.
  • You be willing to get involved and have fun, with the ability to respond to exciting, ever changing event demands.
21 (1)

Athletes Services Team

  • As part of the Athlete Services Team, you will be great with people interacting with Athletes and Team Officials in the Practice area. You will maintain the facilities and help to co-ordinate the practice and final warm up rotas, as well as the Player Green Room and Gym.
  • You will be a main point of contact for our Athletes in Practice, having clear verbal communication skills and a ‘can do’ attitude to help deliver a World class experience for our Athletes.
  • You should be willing to get involved and have fun, with the ability to respond to exciting, ever changing event demands.
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Event Control Room Team

  • As part of the Event Control Team, you will be responsible for monitoring the radio airwaves and logging of conversations, actions and incidents.
  • You will possess good listening skills; recording as items come in. You will be attentive to detail with the ability to relay messages – verbally and written.
  • You should be willing to get involved, with the ability to respond to exciting, ever changing event demands.
All England 2023

Fan Engagement Team

  • The Fan Engagement Team welcome, host and inform our Spectators to the event; in the last stretch before and inside the Arena. You will facilitate a range of fan activations, creating amazing customer experience off court.
  • You will be great with people with a passion to provide a great Spectators experience.
  • You will be willing to get involved and have fun with the crowds and excel in a busy environment.
All England 2023

Field Of Play Entrance Team

  • As part of the Field Of Play Entrance Team you will be critical in the timing of the Event and the smooth running of the Final Warm up Area. Liaising with Sports Presentation and Athlete Services to send Athletes and Technical Officials to the Field of Play at the correct time.
  • You should be adaptable and quick thinking, and a great verbal communicator.
  • You will be observant and quick to spot any issues with sportswear and equipment and assist with ensuring the final warm up areas are kept in good order.
4 Nations Para Badminton International 2023

Hospitality Team

  • Hospitality Team Members are great with people and confident to interact with all spectators in our Hospitality Lounges. Providing excellent customer experience to our Spectators through to our most distinguished VIPs.
  • You will be representing the event, badminton and Badminton England in a positive, promotional light. You will be keen to learn and share your knowledge.
  • A happy, approachable demeanour with a professionally presented appearance.
21 (1)

Logistics Team

  • Logistics Team Members are critical in the load and unloading of our Event equipment from our Store at Milton Keynes to the Venue, and then the distribution of all the equipment and furniture around the Venue.
  • This role is for people who are happy to be on the move all day, that are capable of lifting a range of items in varying sizes and weights and are keen to help with the exciting, ever-changing demands of the event.
Volunteers All England 2015 FTU BP (10) RESIZE

Match Control Team

  • Match Control Team Members have great IT skills, having previously the software ‘Tournament Planner’ they will be critical in the management of our scoring system.
  • They will liaise with the Umpire and Announcers, displaying matches/scores for Spectators and provide information for other Event Staff to help with their roles.
All England 2023

Media Centre Team

  • Media Centre Team Members support the attending accredited Media, TV Production Crews and Event Photographers. Hosting them in the Media Centre; responding to requests for interviews, information and access.
  • Media Centre Team members are knowledgeable of social media platforms and are able to assist with arrangements for press conferences, sponsor events and photo opportunities that may be of interest to media.
  • You will be a confident communicator both written and verbal, with a professional attitude and an eye for detail.
All England 2023

Media Mixed Zone Team

  • The Mixed Zone is where Players are interviewed by the accredited Media. The Mixed Zone Team Member are the first point of contact for those players coming off Court post-match, guiding them to each interview and keeping the Mixed Zone running as an efficient operation.
  • You will utilise confident verbal communication skills, representing the Event through great people skills to our Stakeholders.
  • You will have a knowledge of social media, good written communication skills and an eye for detail. This will allow you to assist with requests for interviews and to help generate some content for our Media Centre.
21 (1)

Shuttle Control Team

  • Shuttle Control Team Members manage an essential part of the Sport of Badminton; the shuttles. Managing the stock control and reporting into the Event.
  • You will act in a professional manner as you will be right in the heart of the action, on the Field of Play. Collecting used and replacing with new shuttles before and after each match.
  • You will be alert to the needs of each Court and ready for the end of each Match.
Volunteers All England 2015 FTU BP (10) RESIZE

Sport Equipment Team

  • Sport Equipment Team Members support the setup, maintenance, changeover and breakdown of all equipment related to the Field of Play, the final warm-up area and training courts.
  • You will need to be able to undertake manual labour and able to work under pressure as this position can be fast paced and intense, yet highly rewarding and lots of fun!
  • You will act in a professional manner, being based right in the heart of the action in the Field of Play.
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Team Liaison Team

  • Team Liaison Officers are the main point of contact for Teams and Athletes during their stay at the Event. They are the warm welcome, at the point of arrival and provide continuous support during the entire week.
  • You will have good verbal communication skills, be great with people as a representative of the Event to all our Teams.
  • This role is ideal for those who can commit to the whole event.
All England 2023

Transport Team

  • The Transport Team Members will meet, greet and transport of all our key client groups from all over the City to our Venue and Official Hotels.
  • You will be provided with a hire vehicle and must have a full clean driving licence and be over 25, to drive with us.
  • You will be happy to adapt between various vehicles (cars/minibuses/vans) and a knowledge of the local area would be desirable. You will be adaptable and ready to respond to any task.
  • This is a role of great responsibility; keeping our guest safe, secure and in comfort as you transport them to destination. Someone who is great with people they are meeting for the first time.
All England 2023

Line Judges

  • This role is for Qualified Line Judges who have taken a Badminton Line Judges Association of England training course. If you would like to get qualified check out Badminton England Volunteering pages to see the next available course.
  • Line Judge Technical Officials are central to ensuring fair match play, following the Laws of Badminton and competition regulations. They are responsible for indicating whether a shuttle lands “in” or “out” for the line they are assigned to monitor.
  • In the heart of the action on our Field of Play, you will be discreet, and professional at all times.
  • You will be quick thinking, alert and confident to make calls; being on Court with the world’s best Athletes, broadcast cameras and a live audience of thousands.
4 Nations Para Badminton International 2023


  • This role is for qualified Umpires only, if you are interested in becoming a qualified Umpire check out the Badminton England Volunteering pages for the next available training course.
  • Umpire Technical Officials are central to regulating badminton on-court and ensuring fair match play, which follows the Laws of Badminton.
  • You will be a confident and clear verbal communicator, making calls in front of large crowds.
  • In the heart of the action on our Field of Play, you will be discreet and professional at all times.
21 (1)

Volunteer Services

  • As part of the Volunteer Services Team, you will support other event volunteers and help facilitate the best possible experiences throughout the event.
  • You should be willing to get involved and have fun. Will be adaptable helping to step in for other Teams and respond to exciting, ever changing event demands.
  • A friendly, caring and compassionate communicator; shaping the experience for those taking part.
Volunteers All England 2015 FTU BP (10) RESIZE

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