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Badminton England is committed to the development of Badminton that is safe for all, ensuring that all those involved in the sport can enjoy the game in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

A part of this is adopting Disciplinary Regulations that provide a framework to ensure any complaints or concerns about individuals or organisations are dealt with fairly, transparently and expeditiously.

The Disciplinary Regulations have recently been reviewed to ensure they continue to reflect best practice and take into account any learning from their application.

The final Regulations were approved by the Badminton England Board in July 2021 and followed an extensive consultation process where there was an opportunity for everyone involved in Badminton to contribute to the review.

It is important everyone involved in Badminton at any level understands the Regulations and demonstrates their commitment to ensuring the highest possible standards in the sport for the enjoyment of all involved.

The Regulations form part of the rules of membership of Badminton England and the updated Regulations can be found here, together with updated flowcharts for the process, sanctions guidance and grievance policy.

Codes of conduct are currently being updated to reflect the Regulations and upcoming changes related to safeguarding training – please direct any queries to disciplinary@badmintonengland.co.uk

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