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November 22, 2022

Following the announcement of Badminton England’s revamped performance structure, details have now been released for the accompanying England Performance Programme Criteria & Review Process.

The England Senior Performance Programme (EPP) criteria provides entry level performance requirements for players to be considered for, or retained, on EPP.

The EPP is split into three performance levels of progression. These are Development (players aged up to 22 years of age), Futures (preparing players for the National Squad) and the National Squad (to prepare players to challenge for Olympic, World, Commonwealth and European medals).

Players will be reviewed for inclusion on EPP by a Review Panel consisting of the following personnel:

  • Performance Director
  • Head of Performance Operations
  • Lead Doubles Coach
  • Lead Singles Coach
  • National Doubles Coach x2
  • National Singles Coach
  • National Pathway Coach x2
  • Non-voting Board representative

To be considered by the Review Panel for inclusion on the EPP, a player will have met a minimum of two competition results as well as the additional requirements stated in the criteria.

Achievement of the criteria does not guarantee inclusion on the EPP but triggers the Review Panel to discuss the player’s individual development and possible opportunities to progress.

For those who do not meet the minimum results criteria, the following factors will be taken into consideration:

  • Player’s track record, current performance level at the discretion of the expert Panel
  • Player’s ongoing commitment to pursue their badminton career
  • Player’s foundation, skills & attributions in physical, technical & tactical areas
  • Player’s extenuating circumstances including but not limited to significant injury and/or illness

In addition, in accordance with the performance structure which aims to build rounded people as well as athletes, the Review Panel will have an agile approach to selection of players on the programme with a combination of objective and subjective criteria.

This allows the expert Panel’s view to see potential rather than being held by a purely objective results-based method.

Throughout the process, the Review Panel will be informed by three key principles to be applied across the Performance Pathway:

  • The focus will be on the long-term primary goal even if on occasions this may compromise short-term success
  • The aim from the outset will be to develop rounded athletes with the necessary skills and attributes of both an athlete and a person
  • Athletes will be developed based on a clear syllabus aligned to their maturity rather than their biological age

To read full details on the Senior Performance Programme Criteria & Review Process, click here.

In addition to the changes at senior level, there have been various key updates aligning to the England Junior Performance Pathway (EJPP) Criteria.

This includes the re-introduction of National Junior Trials in summer 2023, a new simplified result criteria based predominantly on domestic tournaments and changes to the methodology behind selection process.

A combination of results, performance trajectory and player profile will now be taken into account as part of a move towards a longer-term Player Development focus, whereby a stronger emphasis is placed on the importance of the individual player profile when considering players for selection for the EJPP.

The updates have also been made with the aim of the programme becoming more inclusive, with less criteria relating to gaining international results due to the significant expense involved.

Players are still encouraged to gain experience and exposure abroad where possible, given the importance to their development, though there is a realisation this is not feasible for everyone and the updated criteria reflects this.

A larger group of experienced coaches, including National Coaches and the Performance Director, in the assessment of players for selection due to the holding of trials, will further enhance the robustness of the selection process and ensure the right players are supported at the right time in their journey.

To read more about the changes at junior level, click here.

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