Contact Information

Anyone interested in making a visit or a donation to the museum, please contact the National Badminton Museum:  

By Telephone: 01908 268400

By Email:

By post:  National Badminton Museum 
              National Badminton Centre
              Milton Keynes 
              MK8 9LA

Museum Trustees

Bill Andrew                                                                                         John Herdman                                                                                                           Geoff Hinder                                                                                                                                                                    
President of BADMINTON England
Chairman of Council, BADMINTON England

Museum Consultants

Maria and Chris Newbery

General Committee

Bill Andrew (Chair)
Brenda Andrew (Treasure)
John Briggs FCA
John Herdman
Geoff Hinder (Secretary)

Museum Contact

Geoff Hinder. Secretary


Donations of Memorabilia items, etc

If you have any badminton memorabilia, archive material or any other items and would like to donate them to the museum, please contact us on

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