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This year we are launching our 'Player Spotlight' - every month one player will be selected by the domestic competition team to recognise the special achievements of individuals over a period, over a month, or at a tournament.


Jim Garret April

Player Name: Jim Garrett
County: Kent
Achievement: 100th All England Seniors 2016 - 2 gold medals in the Over 70 singles and doubles and a semi final in the over 65 mixed doubles
Jim started playing badminton in 1964 at night school in Manchester. He has been playing as since.
From 1966 he played in the Manchester and District League for Stretford Badminton Club.
A coach called peter Jackson encouraged the young Stretford team to play and take their coaching awards.
Relocated to Kent in 1984 and joined a club in Ashford and soon afterwards started to represent the Kent Masters County Team.
Alex Green March

Player Name: Alex Green
County: Surrey
Achievement: Most Gold and Silver medals in Junior Gold Circuit Tournaments - 6 Gold & 6 Silver medals.
Alex started playing badminton at the age of 6 with his family at the local leisure centre. He started to competed in Badminton England tournaments at the age of 7.  He has represented Surrey Junior County team for the past 4 years.  Alex first represented England at the age of 11 and has won numerous medals in Europe and domestically.
His first coach was Craig Buchanan and is currently coached by Sam Phillips at Wimbledon Club.  Inspired by the Korean doubles pair Lee Yong Dae & Yoo Yeon Seong, Alex enjoys the challenge to succeed as well as keeping fit and the social aspect of badminton.
D.Ashton February

Player Name: Dominic Ashton
County: Cheshire
Achievement: Most qualifying wins (22) with a 100% win record in the last grading run
Dominic started playing badminton at the age of 10 with his parents and sister as a way of keeping fit and healthy
He started to compete for Cheshire at the age of 12 and tournaments soon after.
Dominic has a few coaches that have inspired him from his first coach Dave Hunter then Mark Golds to his current coach Paul Stewart. Also he is inspired by some of the world best players like Lee Yong Dae, Koo Kien Keat and Fu Haifeng.
Dominic turned vegan last year and says it has been the best things he has done to help his game.
T.Woodcock January

Player Name: Tom Woodcock
County: Lincolnshire
Achievement: County Regional Division 4 maximum matches played with best winning record.

Tom started playing at an after school badminton club at Nettleham Junior school at the age of 8. He then started playing badminton England tournament at 10 years of age.
Badminton has played a huge part in tom's life, both playing and now as a full time career in coaching. Tom played county for many years and now coaches the Lincolnshire U17 squad, this is his way of giving something back to the county for all the support they have given to him. Recently his coaching taken on after school junior clubs with over 100 children ranging from 8-16 years old.
Sue Crompton December

Player Name: Sue Crompton
County: Essex
Achievement: Double Gold Winner at the 21st Masters Natioanls at Over 50 women's doubles & mixed doubles.

Sue started playing at 11 years old at a course in her primary school and got the bug for playing. Joined a club which she has been a member at for over 35 years. played county at junior & senior level but did not really start playing tournament until later in life. Sue has won numerous medals at European & World champioships.
John Scott is the coach who inspires Sue and puts a lot of her success down to his hard work and enthusiasm.
Sue also like to run and has run races from 5K to marathons includeing 2 London marathons.
Rachel Vickers October

Player Name: Rachel Vickers (22)
County: Cheshire
Achievement: County Premiership - Played 6 Won 6 and scored the most points in the 1st county weekend at the NBC. 355 points

Rachel would go to badminton with her mum and her playing career started when other members would hit with her. First competitive event was in 2004 at primary school.
Gail Emms is the player who inspires Rachel the most and her first coach Mike Swindles.
Rachel played her first county weekend in Prem B aged 15 in Nottingham
Player Name: Serena Midha (20)
County: Nottinghamshire
Achievement: Biggest rise in the rankings from a top 50 player. Women's Singles.
Caroline Hale
Player Name: Caroline Hale
County: Hertfordshire
Achievement: Women's Singles winner of 1st tournament of the new year. MK Summer Senior Bronze

Caroline got into playing badminton when her mum her to the local club in a church hall. She started competing for the herfordshire junior County team when she was 13.
Player/coach who inspires you: Kelly Matthews
Also enjoy running and enjoys racing when not playing badminton
Katherine Arksey
Player Name: Katherine Arksey (10)
County: Yorkshire
Achievement: Katherine was awarded the 2015 Outstanding Individual Performance in Sport by East Riding  SSP (West). She fought off competition from across 56 primary schools in her area  for her outstanding performances throughout the year locally and in national tournaments, which has netted her 15 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 1 bronze medal.
 Christine Crossley
Player Name: Christine Crossley
County: Surrey
Achievement: Winner of 3 Gold medals (Singles, Doubles & Mixed) at the 99th All England Senior Championships at Hertfordshire Sports Village in April 2015.
Matthew Howcroft
Player Name: Matthew Howcroft
Age: 14
County: Dorset
Achievement: 29 The number of tournaments played in for the 2014-15 season. Shows great support to the BE Circuits and a passion for the sport.
 Chris tonks
Player Name: Chris Tonks
Age: 33
County: Warwickshire
Achievement: County Premiership player for the 2014-15 season that played the maximun number of rubbers (18) winning 15
P.Reyes Player Spotlight
Player Name: Pamela Reyes
Age: 12
County: Buckinghamshire
Achievement: Joint highest gold medals won (8) in the 2014-15 junior circuit.
M.Chapman Player Spotlight
Player Name: Molly Chapman
Age: 14
County: Buckinghamshire
Achievement: Joint highest gold medals won (8) in the 2014-15 junior circuit.
Player - Liam Purton 2
Player Name: Liam Purton
Age: 10
County: Essex
Achievement: Highest number of matches with a 100% record. 27 Qualifying wins in Boys Doubles.