Fishtail racket

Fishtail Racket 220

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The National Badminton Museum has been very fortunate to purchase a rare Jaques “Cavendish” fishtail handle badminton racket for its collection. This type of racket is very rare mainly because it was only manufactured for a short period of time. Jaques first advertise their “Cavendish” fishtail racket in February 1909 at 15 shillings (75p) they described the model “With specially shaped handle. A racket of the highest quality materials, workmanship and finish”. A few months earlier F. H. Ayres Ltd. another leading racket manufacturer of that time started to advertise their version of the fishtail handle racket called “The Standard” they said in their advertisement “The application of the fishtail handle to the Badminton Bats is an innovation that will recommend itself to many players, affording as it does a firm and comfortable hold”.