April 1912

westmorland, majorThe Badminton Gazette dated April 1912 is the last issue for the 1911/1912 season – in those days badminton was a game played in winter, and most badminton players would pick up the heavier racket and play tennis during the summer.

It is noted that the closing season has been noteworthy, the general advance has been well maintained and a large number of clubs have affiliated to the Badminton Association, with a record number of new clubs signing up

We learn that a club in Freemantle, Australia has been in existence for several years, the first news of the game in Australia. The game is making great headway in Scotland.

Six and a half pages and two photographs are devoted to the report on the 14th All England Championships played in February. Five championships events were played, also eight handicap events and a veterans doubles event. Two photographs are included, and we attach Major Westmorland, winner of the Veterans Doubles Championships. 17 players entered the Men’s Singles which was won by Frank Chesterton. 9 players entered the Ladies’ singles, the title being retained by Margaret Tragett. From 9 pairs in the men’s doubles Henry Marrett and George Thomas were winners, while from the Ladies' Doubles entry of 10 pairs, an unfortunate draw meant the strongest pairs were all in one half (no seeding in those days) and the holders Miss Dorothy Cundall and Miss Alice Gowenlock retained their titles. From 17 pairs in the mixed doubles Edward Hawthorn and Hazel Hogarth were winners. On the Thursday of the Championships England played Ireland for the tenth time and recorded a 9-0 win.

Other tournaments reported include the Sussex County Association Championships, The Surrey Championships, The West of England Championships, the Andover Open Tournament, the Bournemouth Local Tournament, Ealing (Invitation) Tournament and the Calcutta Championships.

More than six pages are filled with club results and there is an index for Vol 5.