March 1912

Ireland v Scotlnd 1912The Badminton Gazette for March 1912 opens by announcing the English team to play Ireland: F.Chesterton, P.D.Fitton, E. Hawthorn, S.M. Massey, G.A.Sautter, G.A. Thomas (capt), Mrs Tragett, Miss Gowenlock and Miss Radeglia.. It is noted that it is a very powerful one.

The Bognor Open Tournament arranged for February 13th, has been cancelled due to few entries – it is suggested that with the Hampshire Championships on the 14th and 15th and Surbiton on the 17th there was no room for another tournament in the same week.

The Northern Championships are reported in detail – the sixth meeting held in Manchester consisted of three doubles open events and a mixed handicap event.

Also reported the North Wales Championships held in Llandudno, the first open meeting ever held in Wales.

The Irish Championships received a record entry and an international match Ireland v Scotland was played on the second afternoon. Our picture shows the two teams – the match was won by Ireland by 7 matches to 2.

Two other Championships, the Hampshire and Surbiton are reported with full results.