England 100 club

100 capsThe National Badminton Museum in Milton Keynes in England were delighted when Ray Stevens donated the commemorative cap awarded to him as a result of achieving 100 appearances for England to the museum, thus making it available for badminton enthusiasts to view.

At the Yonex BWF World Championships held in London, August 2011 those who had achieved this goal, but excluding the two current international players, Nathan Robertson and Anthony Clark who actually received their cap on the occasion of their 100th appearance, were invited to come on court at the start of the Saturday session to receive their commemorative cap before play started.

In all, there were at this time fourteen players who had entered the 100 Club and the number of caps and the dates relating to their appearances were recorded as:  Gillian Clark 145 from 1980 to 1994; Stephen Baddeley 143 from 1979 to 1990; Mike Tredgett 138 from 1970 to 1987; Andy Goode 128 from 1978 to 1994; Gillian Gowers 123 from 1983 to 1996; Darren Hall 119 from 1984 to 2000; Helen Troke 115 from 1980 to 1992; Gillian Gilks 111 from 1966 to 1988; Ray Stevens 111 from 1970 to 1982; Nathan Robertson 109 from 1995 to up present time*; Anthony Clark 106 from 1997 to present time*; Nick Yates 105 from 1979 to 1988; Martin Dew 101 from 1979 to 1988; Tony Jordan 100 from 1951 to 1970.
*August 2011