November 1911

The November 1911 .Badminton Gazette, Volume 5, No 2 opens with the statement – Badminton has by now, obtained, in most quarters, the recognition it merits as a really first-class game. Even among those who are not personally interested in it, the knowledge that it is a very strenuous form of sport, and one calling for a high degree of skill, is pretty general; and few people still cling to the idea, so prevalent not so many years ago among those who had not seen the game properly played, that it is a trivial amusement, demanding no special ability, and serving chiefly as an excuse for tea and gossip.

The tournament season will open on December 1st with the West Hants Championships in Bournemouth. Crystal Palace and Ealing, two leading clubs, have both withdrawn from the London League.

A long article on the Value of Singles is included.

The Gazette’s Scottish correspondent reports that the meeting of the Scottish Union will be held on October 25th.

Eames, C.GA page and a half are devoted to the two gentlemen who have won the All England Veterans Doubles over the last three years, Colonel G.W. Deane, C.B. and Mr C.G. Eames – it is noted that they only failed by a single ace to win the event in 1908.
Colonel Deane started playing in Simla, India in 1872, and on his retiring from the army and returning to England he joined the Southsea (Services) BC We read that he taught himself to serve with both hands, although he was a right hander – this enabled him to serve from the left court and deliver a service similar to the one so common from the right court in which the shuttlecock does not enter the half-court into which it must fall till near the long service line. Colonel Deane regards the shuttlecock as the weak spot in the game and has made experiments to find a satisfactory substitute using balls of various sizes and materials. Fluffy balls are used in some parts of India for outdoor badminton.

Mr Eames is a member of the Streatham BC and a very experienced player and has helped Streatham BC in becoming one of the very strongest clubs in England. He has been a member of the Badminton Association Committee for three years and a willing worker at the All England Championships. Both players are pictured and we include the one of Mr Eames.

A page and a half is devoted to an article on combinations, it being recognised that good combination is one of the essentials of success in doubles, few players seem to give the subject as much consideration as it deserves!