The Badminton Game, David Inshaw

The badminton gme, inshawThe Badminton Game painted by David Inshaw has generated considerable interest and was featured recently on BBC2.

David Inshaw was born in 1943 and The Badminton Game was painted 1972-3 – an oil on canvass 1524 x 1835 mm.

Originally called Remembering mine the loss is, not the blame, a title taken from a poem by Thomas Hardy,  it was purchased by the Friends of the Tate gallery and is at present stored there, but is at present not on show.

David Inshaw had studied art in Bristol and then moved to Wiltshire - The Badminton Game was one of the first pictures he painted with what he called the Devizes feel influenced by the landscape of Wiltshire especially the houses and gardens in Devizes.

The picture did at some time hang in 10 Downing Street when John Major was Prime Minister, but was replaced by Tony Blair when he was living in Downing Street.

A print of the picture is stored in the National Badminton Museum in Milton Keynes.