Li-ning Phoenix shuttleocks

Li-ning Phoenix shuttleocksDuring the BWF Yonex World Championships a party of visitors from the LI-Ning (China) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. Visited the National Badminton Museum in Milton Keynes. They kindly donated three boxes of their new Phoenix feather shuttlecocks which are made of feathers that can be replaced, thus lengthening the life of any shuttle. Those feathers that are in good condition can be used as replacement feathers for remaining shuttlecocks in the tube.

The accompanying notes tell us:
LiNing new type badminton shuttlecock “Phoenix” applied advanced patent technology – feather replaceable, working with cork and plastic loop makes exactly playing feel with traditional shuttlecock, but better durability. You could change the damaged feather to make another perfect shuttlecock. The durability of 1 LiNIng Phoenix shuttlecock equals to 3 traditional shuttleocks. LiNings Phoenix shuttlecock brings you higher
valuable experience and the concept of environmental protection; it is an excellent choice for the badminton amateurs.

These shuttles are intended for club play, and training.