October 1911

Hawthorne, EThe first issue of the Badminton Gazette for 1911, Vol V, No 1, was dated October 1911, priced 2d.
The opening paragraph – ‘At this time of the year, when badminton players are once again turning their attention to their winter game, one’s natural inclination is to indulge in a little speculation as to the prospects of the coming season. And it is pleasant to observe that the outlook is, in every direction, decidedly rosy.’
We learn that in the new Badminton Association handbook 325 clubs are now affiliated to the Badminton Association compared with 295 the previous season.
In the reflections column we note three marriages during the close season, Miss M Lucas and Mr. G.F.R. Adams of the Indian Civil Service; Miss Larcombe has married Mr R.. Tragett, and Mr F W. Abbatt is also now married.
The Scottish Badminton Union is now established having been formed in Dundee in early April.
A page and a half are devoted to a profile of Miss L.C. Radeglia (click here for notes).
Another profile appears of Mr. E. Hawthorn, pictured here, described as the tallest player in first-class badminton.
A review of S.M. Massey’s text book Badminton about to be published. Described as a first class player of today who was in the front rank before the first All England Championships, and has an unsurpassed knowledge of the development of the game. Price will be 2/- net, published by G. Bell & Sons, Ltd. The book became a classic on badminton and the National Badminton Museum has copies in their library.
A subscription form enclosed requests 1/6d.for the Badminton Gazettte October to April.