Dorothy Ursula Cundall

Cundall, DorothyThere is not much information recorded concerning Dorothy Cundall, but she had been an extremely promising player before the first world war, and is regarded as having been extremely unlucky in not being awarded her international colours for England.

She gained three All England titles winning the mixed doubles with Guy Sautter in 1910 and the ladies’ doubles in 1911 and 1912 with Alice Gowenlock. She won many open tournament honours despite the fact that she was playing at the same time as outstanding players in Hazel Hogarth, Lavinia Radeglia, Muriel Lucas and Margaret Tragett.

She was born in 1883 and was brought up in Richmond. In 1912 she married Douglas Moore Henry who died in 1917. In 1922 she married Bertram Bisgood who was also involved in badminton, representing Ireland six times, and was later a vice-president of the Badminton Association of England and the International Badminton Federation.

She had 2 children, Ian Harvey M.P and Jeanne Bisgood, an English international golfer.

Mrs Bisgood died in Bournemouth on February 8th, 1954.

Reference – Badminton Gazette, March 1954, p 143.