Badminton in the Palladium

PalladiumKenneth.R.Davidson was a Scottish and Yorkshire player who went to the United States in 1935 playing as an amateur in Canada and the United States until he turned professional in 1936.

In 1938 he was engaged at the London Palladium in a badminton turn, part of a George Black Production, These Foolish Things - described in the Badminton Gazette as exceedingly interesting and has been received with tremendous acclamation. During the turn he plays a single against Hugh Forgie, a Canadian professional, of Brantford, Ontario, comments on the play being made by an American Joe Tobin. During the course of the game Davidson brought off all the trick shots known in the game and several that are not, and an exchange of cross drop shots very close to the net usually brings down the house.

The success of the act lead to an invitation to Kenneth Davidson and Hugh Forgie from the Royal Command asking them to give their display before Their Majesties King George and Queen Elizabeth at the Royal Variety Show at the Coliseum on Novemebr 9th.

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