Silver salver, Canadian tour

silver salver, canadian tourA large plated silver salver presented to Sir George Thomas in 1930 engraved with the names of players and officials of Eastern Canada Badminton is in the possession of the National Badminton Museum in Milton Keynes. Sir George left it to his god-daughter Barbara Harris, and she kindly donated it to the museum in 2005.

It was given to Sir George when a British badminton team undertook a second tour of Canada in 1930. The team included J.F. Devlin, R.M. White, D.C. Hume, R.C.F. Nichols, H.S. Uber and Sir George Thomas who acted as captain.

The party left Euston on November 7th being seen off by a large party of friends and officials of the Badminton Association. The carriage windows of the train were decorated with shuttles and Sir George Thomas, was presented with a most ingenious mascot made entirely of shuttlecocks.

After a rough passage the team arrived in Quebec to undertake a very strenuous tour which included Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg, Moose Jaw, Regina, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, where a test match was played, and Kingston with a final session in Monreal before the team left St John to board S.S. Duchess of Windsor to return to Liverpool arriving on 20th December.

It is recorded that badminton has made great strides in Canada since 1925, conditions of play are excellent, and the standard of play has improved so enormously that exhibition games are no longer necessary.

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