Prince SuperShuttle

Prince SuperShuttleIn 1991 Prince announced that they are introducing the world’s longest lasting championship shuttlecock with adjustable speeds. Claiming that the feathers are replaceable, there is no need to discard a shuttle because one or two feathers are damaged, individual feathers can be replaced doubling the life of the shuttle! But, in addition this shuttle has a built in adjustable speed, seven speeds in all. The price £11.50 for 10 shuttles, but you should get at least 20 shuttles for use. The box states made in China.

The instructions tell us to adjust speeds: 1) Test SuperShuttle for correct speed conditions. 2) To adjust speed, grasp firmly with one hand, insert thumb of other hand inside shuttle, grasping both sides of cage while turning. Turn to +1 or +2 to increase speed, -1 or -2 to decrease speed 3) For tournament conditions, remove smalllocking pin from lid of tube, and set speed by inserting pin into hole space in base and push it between feather stalks using a hard surface. This will prevent shuttle speed changes.

For feather replacement (a) Hold base firmly with one hand. Grasp damaged feather firmly just above cage with fingers of other hand. (b) Pull feather straight out of base and discard. (c) insert new feather into place, firmly pushing all the way down into base. Check to make sure replacement feather is curved similarly to other feathers, and that it’s height is level with all other feathers. (d) Smooth out feathers and begin to play again.

They did not appear to have the success anticipated as there is little reported after the launch.

At present Li-Ning are advertising Phoenix Feather shuttlecocks with replaceable feathers are available for £16 a tube, and claim each Li-Ning Phoenix shuttlecock can be repaired and be used for up to 3 times longer than a conventional shuttlecock. Will these have any more success?