Alan Titherley

Titherley, AlanAlan Titherley was born in 1903 and first started playing badminton in the early 1920’s when tennis friends invited him to join a Badminton club, and after three seasons he was chosen to play for Cheshire.

In 1927 he won both the singles and doubles titles in the Welsh Championships. He often played with T.P.Dick and thus established a very strong pair. They entered the All England in 1928 to lose in the semi finals to Sir George Thomas and Frank Hodge. In the following two All England Championships they again played together reaching the final on each occasion, while in 1930 Alan Titherley reached the final of the singles and semi final of the mixed doubles.

He was chosen to play for England in the 1931/2 season and became a regular member up until the war. He made 19 international appearances in all, the last in 1946/7.

Throughout his career, Alan Titherley played regularly for Cheshire and up until 1949 made 93 appearances for his county, who won the Inter-County Championship in 1933/4 and 1948/9 and divided with Middlesex in 1946/7.

He later won the All England Veterans doubles three times retiring unbeaten from the event in 1954.

Alan Titherley was a member of a party sent to Germany in 1947 as guests of the B.A.O.R.
The Badminton Gazette records that before he owned his Bentley his only means of private transport was a bicycle and that on an occasion when he had won all three trophies at the County Championships he landed up at Seacombe Ferry very late, and decided to tie his cups on the handle bars on his way home, being stopped by a policeman and had to explain that he was not a thief.

He died on June 24th 1963 at his home in Wallasey from a heart attack at a comparatively early age.

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