Birmal All metal Racket

Birmal racket

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In the January 1924 Badminton Gazette The Birmingham Aluminium Castings Co Ltd. had a page advertisement announcing that they are placing on sale the Birmal All Metal Badminton Racket, vastly superior in every detail, to the hitherto orthodox type. This follows the introduction of their already popular Birmal All Metal Tennis Racket.

The new Racket is made of Aluminium Alloy, and is strung with a single strand steel wire.

To really appreciate the qualities of this innovation to one of the oldest and best games we play, you must ask your Sports Dealer to let you handle one.
You will. Immediately be impressed by its ‘slick’ and refined appearance – by its wonderful resiliency – by its perfect weight and balance.

Many other qualities it possesses, you will probably not appreciate in the full until you own a Birmal Badminton Racket yourself – its complete lack of wind resistance – the way, as it were, it throws itself heart and soul into your game, giving you that confidence and utter pleasure every moment you use it at play.

The price is 30/-, a remarkably low figure when you consider that the Birmal Badminton Racket will last you three or four seasons.

Don’t forget to insist on a Birmal, an imitation my disappoint you and prejudice you against a racket which has proved itself indispensible to the most expert exponents of the game.

Our picture is of the advertisement that followed in the Badminton Gazette 1925, page 39..

The racket was not a success, one of the main reasons was probably that so much damage was done to the shuttlecocks by the metal strings.