House sized shuttlecocks

House sized shuttlecocksAt the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City are four 18-foot shuttlecocks that give the impression that they have just landed on the lawn.
They were designed and made by the sculptor Claes Oldenbury and his wife Coossje van and were installed in June/July 1994, with Shuttlecock Sunday on July 10, 1994 featuring live jazz, a celebrity badminton tournament, hands on art projects for children, parades, and games.

The designers visiting the museum were attracted to the expanse of lawn and after considering several games chose badminton because of the character of the shuttlecock.

They are made of aluminium, fibreglass-reinforced plastic and urethane paint and each weighs 4.500-5,000 lbs., are 17 feet tall with a diameter of 16 feet at the top and four feet at the cone (base) of each. Nine feathers in each shuttlecock weighing 350 lb are painted white with cones in orange.

One shuttle is placed on the Museum’s north side, near the entrance – it rests on two feathers. Another is placed on the terrace near the south entrance, resting on its cork at an angle. The other two are along the perimeter of the green mall area on the south lawn, one standing perfectly straight on its cork, the other resting at an angle on its cork.
On site assembly took two to three weeks.

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