The Badminton Club, USA, 1893

Found in a page from Harper’s Bazaar, published in the U.S.A., on which someone has pencilled in 4-8-93 which we are assuming is the date in 1893, is a poem and picture The Badminton Club.

We know that the game was being played in the United States by this time, and that the New York Badminton Club had been founded in 1878, and issued a set of rules in 1888. This is an interesting point of view on a badminton club, obviously well established by this time.

Are the noisy rackets battledores?

badminton club 1893

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The Badminton Club
By A Growler

The badminton Club is the best place for me,
Most restful of spots on this side of the sea;
From worries and troubles I ever am free
At the Badminton Club

There’s so much to see there, there’s so much to do,
There’s so much of interest that’s novel and new,
The morn seems to last but a minute or two
At the Badminton Club

There’s only one drawback to it in my eyes,
And that is Badminton – a game I despise;         
The noise of the rackets  my patience sore tries
At the Badminton Club.

I’m fond of the chatting of chappies and dames
But think it the veriest shame of all shames
These people should lug in their nursery games
At a Badminton Club.