April 1911

The April 1911 Badminton Gazette was number 7 in the fourth year of publication and starts with a reminder that the season is practically at the end – in 1911 the sport was regarded as a winter game. Many players will exchange their badminton racquets for tennis – at this time many of the leading badminton players were also leading tennis players.

Plews, R.H.Looking back at the season it is concluded that 1910/11 has been a very satisfactory one, badminton is now a more generally popular pastime than ever. The number of clubs affiliating continues to increase, as does the number of tournaments being played.

It is announced that Miss Larminie is to marry Mr R.C. Tragett during the summer.

We note that the formation of a Scottish Union is imminent, and that the game continues to expand in Calcutta.

Mr F. W. Hickson, Honorary Secretary of the Badminton Association was recently presented with a clock in appreciation of his long and valued services.

A photograph of R.H. Plews is printed – he has served as secretary of the Irish Badminton Union and is also a fine player, having represented Ireland on several occasions. This reminds us that the Badminton Association is the governing body for world badminton – it will not be until 1934 that the International Badminton Federation and Badminton Association of England will be set up.

Two tournaments are reported in detail, the Tavistock Open and North Kensington Open. The results of the handicap events held at the All England Championships are reported – there was insufficient room in the March issue, there having been nine handicap events in all.

It is anticipated that the next issue of The Badminton Gazette will appear in October.