February 1911

Consisting of 16 pages and costing 2d. the February 1911 magazine starts by drawing attention to the forthcoming All England Championships to be held for the second time in the Royal Horticultural Hall.

The Badminton Association had to correct a mistake from last month – it had been announced that a Welsh Badminton Association had been formed – in fact it was a North Wales Badminton Union!

Muriel Lucas has announced that she is retiring from singles play. She has won 5 All England titles, and the Middlesex and West Hants three times each. These are the only singles titles available for ladies and Miss Lucas has not been beaten at singles since January 1907.

A left handed tournament has been held in Calcutta Badminton Club– confined to members of the club who had to play with the left hand, it was won by H. Mitra who beat S. Mitra.

It is announced that F.H. Ayres Ltd. have been selected to supply the shuttlecocks for the All England Championships.

scotland v ireland 1911The Scottish Championships are reported in full, and also the Scotland v Ireland international played on the middle day of the Championships. Scotland gained its first international success beating Ireland 5-4 the result being decided on the last rubber.

The Middlesex championships, played at Ealing are reported in detail

There is a photograph of Mrs Norman Wood, formerly Miss Davenport. She is a leading player in the North of England, after moving north after her marriage – she had previously played for Crystal Palace.

The South of England Championships are reported – these were played on the new courts of Crystal Palace BC instead of the central transcept.

Irish Notes and League Topics are included.

It is reported that Norman Marrett had won the South of England Doubles at the Crystal Palace without any previous practice, not having played since the All England last March.

The back page is filled with an advert for the coming all England Championships – events to include 6 Championship events, including Veterans’ Doubles and seven handicap events.