Affiliated clubs, BA 1901/2

1901affiliationsThe National Badminton Museum has a revised list of clubs affiliated to the Badminton Association with names and addresses for the 1901/2 season

There are exactly 100 clubs listed with names of secretaries. Of these 76 were English clubs, 19 were in Ireland, 2 in Scotland and 2 in Wales while Germany had one club affiliated.

The Badminton Association founded in 1893 was the governing body for badminton throughout the world, and this is why we find clubs outside England affiliated. It was not until 1934 that the International Badminton Federation was founded and became the governing body for the game throughout the world. At the same time the Badminton Association of England was founded and became the governing body for badminton in England. In 2005 the name was changed to Badminton England.

On the front of the list a quotation from King Lear:
‘A Century send forth
Search every acre in the high grown field,
And bring him to our eye,’

Reaching 100 affiliated clubs was obviously considered an achievement worthy of recording with a real hope of increased membership to come.