All England Badminton Club


The All England Badminton Club was founded on 24th October 1962 at a meeting at the Charing Cross Hotel, London.

The object of the club was to organise:- (a) at the All England Championships a club room where members can meet to renew old friendships and make new ones; (b) any other activity that appears desirable to the committee.

Full membership was to be open to the undermentioned on payment of the prescribed entrance fee:-
a) past and present International players of winners of an All England Championships:
b) past and present officers and councillors of the Badminton Association of England.
The committee could elect to honorary membership:-
(a) past and present internationals of any country affiliated to the International Badminton Federation.
(b) past and present officers and councillors of the International Badminton Federation.
(c) others at the discretion of the committee. (Such as official overseas visitors to the Championships).

The committee fixed the entrance fee at one guinea and produced a lapel membership badge which was based on a design by Allon Renton, who played for England 1948 to 1952 and was art master at a school in Winchester.

In 1962 the Badminton Association of England set aside a newly built lounge with a bar at Wembley during the All England Championships where drinks and light refreshments could be bought.

The entrance fee was to cover the cost of the badge and other expenses incurred in running the club. Ken Livingstone, a member of the committee writing in the Badminton Gazette in 1963 claimed that membership was growing steadily

The National Badminton Museum has a visitors’ book for the All England Badminton Club – dated 1996 when 28 members signed. It appears the book was put in a cupboard and forgotten as no other names or dates appear at all.

What has happened to the All England Badminton Club?