Herbert Scheele, AE Referee for 23 years

Herbert Scheele, AE Referee for 23 yearsOne of the items that has recently been found in the items stored in the National Badminton Museum is a very special book presented to Herbert Scheele O.B.E to mark the occasion of his retirement as Referee for the All England Championships. 

The Badminton magazine notes that play stopped during the All England Championships finals of 1980 to acknowledge a lone, spotlighted figure in the centre of Wembley’s vast arena.  After a 23-year stint, Herbert Scheele was retiring as Referee for the championships.

The book contains the signatures of All England Champions from 1947 – 1980, and contains the names of 19 English players, 11 Danish players, 1 Indian, 4 Indonesians, 8 Japanese, 9 Malaysians, 7 players from the U.S.A and 4 from Sweden.

It is recorded that Herbert left saying “I’ll be there next year. But it’s not so easy to get round and chat to friends”

Sadly this was not to happen, he died just as the finals were about to commence the next year 1981.