Hazells streamline racquet

streamline racquetRecently acquired by the National Badminton Museum is a Hazells Streamline Blue Star badminton racquet. Hazells were well known for making good quality racquets in the 1930’s, and they produced racquets for tennis, badminton and squash. This design was designed by Frank Donisthorpe and patented in 1937 by the United States Patent Office, the patent including a note – The object of this invention is to provide a racket or the like of improved shape which will be more emcient in use. A further object is to provide a racket or the like with reinforcements which will prevent warp or twist and which will prevent the racket being pulled out of shape by the stringing.

An advert in The Badminton Gazette, February 1937 states – it feels better, it is better, swing it and see. Price 36/-. Makes the game easier. Perfect balance and pick-up. Lightness combined with strength. It gives complete control and effortless “follow through,” due to streamline design.

However it was not a popular choice among badminton players and soon went out of fashion – few of the badminton racquets have survived and they occasionally appear on auction sites where they are very expensive.

The tennis design was more successful being used by Bunny Austin at some time. It appears far more have survived and they do not make as much money in the sale rooms.