Alice Gowenlock

Gowenlock, AliceAlice Maud Gowenlock was born in Lambeth in 1878 and was an extremely well known player before the First World War, a member of the Richmond BC.  We note from the Badminton Gazette that

She was a very successful ladies’ doubles player and it was her partnership with Miss Cundall (later Mrs Bisgood) that established her as a very successful player. The first occasions when her play attracted attention was in a handicap ladies’ doubles at the Crystal Palace in 1905, when she and Miss Cundall played a memorial match against Miss D.K. Douglass and Miss Hardy. Though beaten, in spite of a good handicap, the general excellence of their style marked them as players of exceptional promise, and from that time they improved so rapidly, that within a couple of seasons they had developed into a pair of quite first-class strength. Early in 1908 they greatly enhanced their reputation as a pair by winning the Middlesex Championships in the final where they beat Miss Lucas and Miss Murray, the All England Champions, in the only defeat that pair sustained in that season. They reached the final of the ladies’ doubles at the All England in 1908 and 1909 losing to Miss Lucas and Miss Bateman each time. They won the Ladies Doubles at the All England being played in the Horticultural Hall in 1911 and 1912 and retired as a pair unbeaten at that All England. She was unable to play in 1913 due to injury, but in 1914 she and Miss Radeglia came within setting of taking the All England ladies’ doubles.

In mixed doubles it has been suggested that she handicapped herself by too rigid an adherence to the side by side game. She did not play much singles. The various articles written about her play suggests that she lacked hitting power, and did not have an effective smash which probably prevented her from taking even more titles.

She played for England once against Ireland in 1911-12.

She died in 1957 at the age of 80 in Worthing, Sussex.

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