Violet Elton

Violet elton

Violet Elton started playing badminton in India at the age of seven. She had won a race in a children’s gymkhana, where there were two prizes, a doll for the first girl and a badminton racquet for the first boy. Somehow, she managed to carry off the badminton racquet and was thereafter taken down to the Club in the mornings by her father to take up the game. When she returned to England her badminton was confined to occasional games out of doors, not recognised as badminton by the experts. Her career really began when she joined a Wednesday club, playing at the Territorial Drill Hall in Kensington. She then moved to a Thursday club in the same hall, and then to the Logan BC where she participated in matches and then tournaments – also serving as a committee member.   It is recorded that she can only remember winning one prize in an open tournament before the 1914/18 war – playing with Miss E.G. Peterson in an All England ladies’ doubles handicap.

When the war was over she had greatly improved, and in 1920 she won her first championship, the All England Ladies Doubles playing with Miss Lavinia Radeglia. She won the ladies’ doubles again in 1923 playing with Mrs A M Head, and again in 1928 when playing with Mrs Barrett. She established a well known mixed doubles pairing with Frank Hodge considered one of the best mixed pairs playing in the late 1920’s. She did not play singles and said that singles had never appealed to her.

She played for England on nine occasions between 1924 and 1930 and played for Middlesex in the early days of the Inter-County Champion ship. She won numerous tournaments which included the All England Ladies’ Doubles on five occasions, including three times in succession with Mrs Barrett, which enabled them to win the trophy outright in 1930. She also won titles in the Irish and Scottish Championships.

In the summer she played tennis and was keen on swimming.

Violet Elton died on March 4th, 1969 in Sidmouth.