October 1910

One hundred years ago the Badminton Gazette was published during the playing season only, and the first copy for 1910/11 appeared in October, following we are told a watery summer. We learn that badminton continues to advance, and roller-skating is waning which had become a serious rival. 

Mrs Lambert Chambers, well known on the badminton circuit had won the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis singles title, beating the holder, Miss Boothby, also well known in badminton circles. Mrs Lambert Chambers is not expected to return to badminton at present – the magazine includes a profile and picture of her with her young daughter. 

col hill, small 2

Colonel Arthur Hill

The Badminton Association opens the season with a new honorary secretary, Colonel Arthur Hill – there is a profile and photograph included. He comes from Petworth in Sussex. His badminton connections date back to the very early days of the game, for his father’s house in Calcutta was certainly one of the first places where badminton was played. After his father retired he played regularly at home, outdoors, four players a side and shuttlecock with a rubber base. He then moved on to playing indoors and in 1903 became secretary of the Midhurst BC.  Regularly attending the All England Championships he has acted as steward and umpire. He regularly plays in veterans events and with Mr W. Cobbett was runner up last year in the Veterans Doubles Championships.

The All England championships will be held one week earlier than the traditional date, due to the unavailability of the Horticultural Hall.

A letter is included attacking the principle of setting is included, the views being shared by others.

It is announced that the Badminton Association now has three hundred affiliated clubs, one of the latest additions is Calcutta (The Badminton Association was the governing body for world badminton until 1934).