1934, Formation of IBF

The International Badminton Federation was founded in 1934 and was reported in the Badminton Gazette, November 1934, page 8 as follows: 


On Thursday, July 5th, 1934, at Bush House, Aldwych, London, duly appointed representatives of the Badminton Association met representatives of all known Badminton associations (or corresponding organisations) for the purpose of forming an International Badminton Federation. The following were present: Colonel R. Bruce Hay, D.S.O., Mr. B.L. Bisgood and Mr. A.D. Prebble, representing the Badminton Association: Mr. A. E. Hollings (Canada), Mr. A.C.J. Van Vossen and Mr. H.M. Speight (Denmark), Sir George Thomas, Bart., Mr. E. Hawthorn, Mr. D.L.H. Mercer, Mr. G.E. Mills and Mr. L.T. Wickham (England), Mr, Rene Gathier (France), Mr. Edw. Den Hoed (Netherlands), Mr. J. Plunkett Dillon and and Major J.D.M. McCallum , D.S.O. (Ireland), Mr E.D. Andrews (New Zealand), M. J.A. Gibson and Mr. Jackson Millar (Scotland), Mr. T.W. Hughes and Mr. E. Trevor-Williams (Wales). Mr. F.W. Hickson, Secretary of the Badminton Association, acted as Secretary to the Meeting. 

Mr. A.D. Prebble, in taking the Chair, said that it was his privilege on behalf of the Badminton Association to give a hearty welcome to the Delegates and to thank them for their attendance. Mr. Prebble gave a brief history of the game of Badminton, and of the Association which had been responsible for making the Laws of the game since 1893. He said that other nations were taking up the game very strongly and the time had now arrived when the Badminton Association felt they should hand over the existing Laws of the game to an international body. They therefore proposed the formation of an International Badminton Federation, which would in future be responsible for any amendment of the Laws and which amendments would be agreed to by every National Badminton Governing Organisation before becoming part of those Laws. Mr. Prebble concluded his remarks by stating that in his humble opinion, Badminton is the finest indoor game there is, and he hoped that in years to come we may be able to travel to any town in the whole world and find friends on a Badminton court.

The Chairman formally proposed and Sir George Thomas seconded the following Resolution:-

“That this meeting, consisting of duly authorised representatives of National Badminton Organisations, shall and hereby does form an International Badminton Federation; and that the Draft Rules already circulated to each National Organisation by the Badminton Association be and hereby are adopted as the Constitution of the Federation.”

After a short discussion this Resolution was then put to the meeting and carried unanimously. 

The meeting now resolved itself into the first General Meeting of the International Badminton Federation, and Messrs. G.E. Mills, D.L.H. Mercer, H.M. Speaight and L.T. Wickham retired officially from the meeting.

The Chairman said that before proceeding with the business of the meeting, he wished to announce that the Badminton Association desired , through its representatives now present, to accord its full recognition and support to the International Badminton Association just formed, and to hand over to that Federation the International control of the game and its Laws.

F.W. Hickson
Mr. Plunkett Dillon (Ireland) said that before the meeting dealt with business on the Agenda, he would like to take this opportunity of expressing the thanks of all Badminton players to the Badminton Association, and especially to its chief members, for the work it, and they, had always done for the game.

The Officers for the ensuing year were then elected as follows:-

President: Sir George Thomas, Bart.

Vice-Presidents: Mr. B.I. Bisgood, Mr. E. Hawthorn, Colonel R. Bruce Hay, D.S.O., Mr. A.D. Prebble.

Hon Treasurer: Mr. D.L.H. Mercer.

Mr. F. W. Hickson, of 74 Grange Drive, Winchmore Hill, London, N.21, England, was appointed Secretary. This address to be the Official address of the Federation.

The delegates then adjourned to the May Fair Hotel, Berkeley Street, London, W., for luncheon, as the guests of the President and Committee of the Badminton Association. 

The founding members of the IBF were: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Denmark, Holland, Canada and New Zealand.

 From this date the Badminton Association ceased to exist, and the Badminton Association of England was formed which became the governing body responsible for badminton in England.