Guy Sautter

Comte Sautter de Beauregard, better known in badminton as Guy Sautter was born in Switzerland in 1886.  He was one of Sir George Thomas’s great rivals immediately preceding and following the Great War.

guyHe won the All England singles in 1911, 1913 and 1914, men’s doubles in 1922, and mixed in 1910 and 1913. He played for England 8 times between 1908 and 1922.

Sautter was an impetuous attacker, famous for his round the head smash.

Guy Sautter used to enter tournaments under the pseudonym of U.N. Lapin to conceal from his employers that he was playing badminton rather than furthering his studies in the science of hotel management, and as a result some of his successes were probably not recorded.

During the Great War, Guy Sautter was living in Monte Carlo and experienced some harrowing experiences during the German occupation, and owing to the food shortage lost a good deal of weight. After the war, he lived in Geneva where he got no badminton, but he returned to England for part of the 1921/22 season winning the Irish singles beating Sir George Thomas in the final. They met again in the final of the All England but he did not reach his best form, losing to Sir George, and thus failed in his objective to be the first player to win the All England men’s singles cup outright, but playing with Frank Devlin was winner of the Men’s Doubles.

He moved back to Switzerland and took up Lawn Tennis seriously and represented Switzerland in the Davis Cup in 1923.

During the second world war Guy Sautter was resident in Monte Carlo and it is thought that the Germans suspected that he was assisting the French resistance movement and his health was impaired as a result of the treatment he had received during the occupation. After the second world war he resumed living in England.

He died on October 29th at his home in Donhead St. Andrew, Wiltshire in his 75th year, leaving a widow and a married daughter.

Herbert Scheele writing the obituary in the Badminton Gazette recalls that Guy Sautter was still interested in badminton in his later years and kept in touch with him as a result of a request to buy another All England Championship tie.