Hardy children memorial

Hardy children memorial

An interesting link with badminton can be found in Chilham, Kent – this relates to a poignant monument to two children of the Hardy family, Arthur and Edmund Hardy who died in 1858 in Yorkshire.


After the children died the Hardy family moved to Kent and owned Chilham Castle from 1861 to 1918. The memorial was carved by Alexander Munro, who was a very well known sculptor of the time, and is of white marble.


The unusual feature of this memorial is that there is a carved battledore and shuttlecock at the children’s feet, and it is claimed that this is the only known example in England of a church monument depicting children's toys.





Hardy children, smallWhen the Hardys lived in Chilham Castle they had the monument on display in the main corridor at the foot of the stairs.


The monument is now in the Church, St Mary of Chilham in Kent and can be visited by members of the public.


Pictures supplied by Malcolm and Josie Smith, Friends of the National Badminton Museum.