Embroidered shuttlecocks

Among the items that have come into the National Badminton Museum at Milton Keynes are two boxes of embroidered shuttlecocks.   Picked up on e-bay the first contains six hand made Embroidered shuttlecocksshuttlecocks, probably dating back to circa 1870 and thought to have been made in France to be distributed in England, the shuttlecocks were still in their original box.   The seller told us that he had picked them up at a car boot sale, and thought they might be valuable!

Another set of shuttlecocks exactly the same and in a similar box was donated by Tony Isaacs at a later date – one shuttlecock was taken to the Yonex 100th All England Badminton Championships held in March at Birmingham and put on display in the travelling showcase recently purchased by the museum. At present one set is on display in the shuttlecock display case in museum corridor at Milton Keynes.