First international match

The first international badminton match was played in Dublin on January 31st, 1903 and we attach the report and result as published in Lawn Tennis and Croquet, Feb. 4, 1903 page 571: 

International Match

England v. Ireland 

In our last issue we referred to the challenge received from the Irish Badminton Union for an international match, England v. Ireland, to be played at Dublin on Jan. 31. We are glad to find that it was accepted, and the difficulty of selecting a representative English team was got over by the committee of the Badminton Association entrusting the task of selection to a sub-committee of three members – viz., Messrs. E. Young, S.M. Massey, and G.W. Vidal. Although the choice was very limited, the English team, which included Mr. A. D. Prebble as captain, Miss Lucas, Miss Hardy, and Messrs. G. Lucas , L.V. Ransford, and G.A. Thomas, was as strong a combination as could, under the circumstances, be expected. It is hoped that the match will become an annual fixture, to be played alternatively in Dublin and London, and that Ladies’ Doubles and Singles will be included in future arrangements.

1903internationalThe programme first proposed included 9 matches, viz., 3 Men’s Singles, 3 Men’s Doubles, and 3 Mixed Doubles. As it was found impracticable to secure an English team of the full strength, the number of matches had to be reduced to 7, one Men’s and one Mixed Doubles being abandoned. As we go to press a telegram has informed us that England won by 5 to 2 matches, the Irish team winning the Men’s Singles match between B. Hamilton and G. Lucas, and the Men’s Doubles between B. Hamilton and T.D. Good and A.D. Prebble and R. B. Ransford.



B. Hamilton (Ireland) bt G. Lucas (England) (15/1, 15/10)

L.U. Ransford (England) bt T.D. Good (Ireland) (4/15. 15/8, 18/17).

G.A. Thomas (England) bt J.F. Stokes (Ireland) (15/13, 15/11).


 Miss Lucas and G. Lucas (England) bt Miss Carroll and B. Hamilton (Ireland) (15/4, 11/15, 15/11).

Miss Hardy and A.D. Prebble (England) bt Miss M. Obre and T.D. Good (Ireland) (15/8, 15/7).


 B. Hamilton and T.D. Good (Ireland) bt A.D. Prebble and L.U. Ransford (England) (15/8, 12/15, 15/6).

G. Lucas and G.A. Thomas (England) bt J.F. Stokes and W.S.C. Crawley (Ireland) (15/3, 15/6).