Poster collection

The National Badminton Museum has over 100 posters in their collection, of which twenty are on display in the restaurant of the National Badminton Museum. We are very grateful to Robin Metson who gave many posters to the museum.

small All England PosterThe oldest poster in the collection dates back to 1939 advertising the Cheltenham Open Championships of that year. Many of the posters of this period included an advertisement for RSL shuttlecocks which appeared in the same form, details of specific championships or matches being added by those organising the event.

One of the posters of particular interest poster dates back to 1947 and advertises a match between the British Zone Germany army versus a team from England.   Played after the end of the Second World War, and printed on the back of an army map, and includes a note stating that German citizens will not be admitted.   This poster was donated by Peter Birtwistle who was involved in organising the match.

A poster relating to the first Thomas Cup tie played in England between England and Scotland reminds us that the tie was played in Leicester.

There is a poster advertising the 35th Inter Varsity match between Oxford and Cambridge played in 1971.

Obviously we cannot include every badminton poster produced, but the collection includes many of the All England Championships, Commonwealth Games, World Championships, Olympic Games, National Championships and International matches.