displayThe National Badminton Museum now owns three display units which can be taken to events and venues to promote the museum.   All three went to Birmingham for the Yonex 100th All England Championships and the display unit was on view at Manchester during the European Championships. All items were financed from the generous legacy left to the museum by Audrey Stone, (later Mrs Dance).

A display unit which extends from floor to ceiling consists of three panels which have been designed to cover, origins of badminton, birth of the All England and the spread of badminton and the growth of international competitions.


 travelling shocase


The second unit is a travelling showcase – this provides an area for items to be displayed and seen by members of the public attending events. Items included at Birmingham were a battledore, 1930’s racquet, shuttlecocks, All England trophies presented to winners as mementos to keep and the scarf and tie made in the All England colours which winners were entitles to wear.   This is the same design and colours as the All England blazer which again could only be worn by winners.




An interactive touch kiosk which can be programmed and changed provides an opportunity for users to follow the story of badminton through a series of questions and answers. We attach a picture of some young Danish supporters at the 100th Yonex All England Championships having a go!