All England trophy

We were delighted when Per Thorndahl recently presented Badminton England with the trophy won outright by his mother Kirsten Thorndahl, later Mrs Granlund in 1952, when playing with Mrs T. Ahm they won the ladies’ doubles title for the 4th time.   It has been passed to the National Badminton Museum for safe keeping.

kirstenThis magnificent trophy illustrated in the attached photograph was presented by Colonel Bruce Hay DSO and A.D. Prebble in 1936 and is engraved with the winners from 1936 to 1951. The reason that it dates back to 1936 only reminds us that in 1936 Thelma Kingsbury and Marjorie Henderson of England had claimed the previous trophies with four wins.   One of these trophies did in fact appear on e-bay and was purchased in the USA – the new owner contacted the museum to find out as much as possible about her new acquisition and kindly sent us photographs of that trophy. It very closely resembles the trophy pictured and had been donated by Mrs B. L. Bisgood and the Badminton Association.

All England cups could be won outright if won three times in succession or four times with the wins not in succession.    However, the rules have been changed and all cups are now perpetual. The last record of a trophy being won outright that we can trace is for 1978 when Tjun Tjun and J. Wahjudi of Indonesia took away the men’s doubles trophy, having then won it for four times 1974 to 1978 missing out in 1976. We can find at least thirty times recording trophies having been won outright, and it is not surprising that the rules were changed preventing the removal of the Association’s valuable silverware!