First Day Covers - 1977

First day coversThe November 1977 Badminton Gazette was issued with an insert announcing that the British Post Office will issue on 12th January 1977 a set of four stamps featuring Racket Sports. The 13p value stamp will feature badminton.

The Badminton Association of England has arranged for the production of its own specially designed official first day cover envelopes, featuring a view of Badminton House, birthplace of our sport, and the Association’s official emblem.

First day coversSecretaries of Clubs and Associations are invited to order ten or more envelopes with quantity discounts through the philatelic agents, Philart Productions Ltd.

Envelopes will be available either franked with the 13p stamp, or with the complete set of four stamps.

The National Badminton Museum at Milton Keynes has a supply of these envelopes which can be purchased by contacting the museum at, priced £2.00 for a single envelope or £3.00 for both envelopes which includes postage and packing.