January 1910

In the Reflections section we learn that promoting county matches is making headway - Hants beat Sussex rather easily, and are hoping to play Kent while a match has been fixed between Lancashire and Yorkshire.

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There is a report on the second Dieppe tournament, which is now called the French Championships. This event when held in the previous year was the first open tournament arranged on the continent outside England. At both tournaments England was well represented and took all the titles. The magazine reports that the visitors were very hospitably entertained and had a most enjoyable time and the magazine included a photograph of some of the competitors. F.Chesterton defended his title beating George Thomas in three sets winning the last point with a wonderful trick shot! Miss Radeglia beat Miss Bateman in the ladies' singles, George Thomas and G. Sautter won the men’s doubles, Miss Larminie and Miss Bateman the ladies’ doubles and George Thomas and Miss Bateman both collected a second title in the mixed.

The magazine includes notes from Ireland and Scotland – we need to remember that the magazine was the official organ of the Badminton Association, the governing body of badminton throughout the world – affiliated clubs would have included clubs such as Edinburgh, Dublin, Boston (USA) and New York. It was not until 1934 that the International Badminton Federation was founded when the Badminton Association of England came into existence as the governing body for badminton in England.

An advert for Geisler’s shuttlecocks (below) illustrates very clearly the different shaped feathers in barrel and straight feather shuttlecocks and the trade marks on the shuttles indicates that they were made in France.

  geisler's shuttles