Badminton Association International Medals

1903 medal small
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 One of the most interesting items in the National Badminton Museum are two small medals about the size of the present 2p coin, silver, hall marked, made by L. Stillwell & Son, London, and engraved Badminton Association of England 1904 and 1906, with one of them engraved H.N. Marrett. These were obtained from e-bay from a seller in Seattle in April 2007.

Dr. Marrett represented England on six occasions between 1903 and 1921. In these times very few internationals were played – England played Ireland annually first in the 1902-03 season, either in London at the All England Championships or in Ireland and to this day Ireland has never beaten England. These matches were the only internationals played up until the 1921-22 season when England played Scotland in the first of what was also to become a regular fixture. These fixtures have since dropped out of the fixture calendar.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have obtained these medals, a casual sighting in e-bay listings was the first bit of luck, and then we found only bids from America were invited. We overcame this problem by getting a relative of one of the museum volunteers living in Boston to bid on our behalf. Their bid was successful and the medals have now returned home.

We do not have a photograph of this team, but reproduce the result as reported in Lawn Tennis and Croquet, April 6th, 1904 page 610. A rather different approach to reporting to that we read today!    We feel confident in concluding that the medals we have obtained are those referred to in the report of 1904.